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We focus on practical knowledge of the set. Communication with the crew, and how to deal with production. We consider the passion of students as our assets and help them acquire them. Placing Dreams give individual attention to each student and help them fly with their own exclusive colors. Our belief is that evry expert was once a beginner. We provide an apt platform for a beginner to learn the basics of acting and skills behind the camera. Courses here are designed with minute detailing of tools and process of filmmaking.

The Trust, The Care and The hard Work makes us the perfect companion for your dreams

On-Shoot Training Programme for the first time in India

Creating A Better Artist; A Better Entertainer

World Class Faculty

Our Faculty includes National Award winners who themselves are trained by the FTIs and NSTIs of the country

Great Alumni Network

People who were just a dreamer once are living their dream life today in the city of dreams

Hands-on Experience

We believe that the best way to learn is to actually feel how the things are done at the actual workplace

Best Placement Statistics

Students from Placing Dreams are provided with one the best networks in the industry which really help them getting started with their career

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Practical and Up-to-date syllabus with World Class Faculty

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The most in-demand skill in the industry

Video Editing

Learn the intricate ways of presentation and refining of the content in the entertainment world

Film Making

Understand how to develop the 'vision' which is required to craft the once in a lifetime masterpieces

Script Writing

Become the best in the wizardry of words and forge the classics the future generations will remember


Create the holy grails and the magnum opus of the modern era with your creative powers and our technical know-how