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Video Editing

Three hrs. Class daily ( 1hr. Theory + 2 hrs. Practical)

Each topic – Three Weeks (2/4 Days in a week) 12 topics* 3 Weeks - 36 Weeks = 09 Month = *Classes (Theory + Practical Classes) 02 Month = *Short Film- Final Film 01 Month = 02 Weeks (*Vacation) + 02 Weeks (*Evaluation) Total = 09 +02 +01 = 12 Months (1yr. Course) Classes- 7

1. WHAT ‘EDITING’ IS? TYPES OF EDITING Introduction to Editing; Editing as artistic tool to film-making; Brief history. Linear and Non-linear; Continuity & Discontinuity edit; Parallel editing, A/B roll editing. Classes- 4

2. ROLE OF EDITOR & PROFESSIONAL TERMINOLOGIES Film Crew- Complete Brief to Production Unit; Role of Editor in a Crew, Assistants role in Editing Department, Editing as profession, Need of Self-upgrade and update. Editing Terminologies - Rough cut, First cut, Fine cut, Trimming, Keying and Reeling etc. Classes- 7

3. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF EDITING Continuity, Screen Direction, Rule of 180 Degree, Rule of 30 Degree, Matching angle/eyeline/action; parallel editing; Montage; multiple- camera editing. Types of cut- Insert, Cut-away, Action match-cut, and Jump cut. Classes- 4

4. FCP- ORGANIZING PROJECTS, MEDIA MANAGEMENT Introduction to FCP; Creating bins; Creating folders; Importing footage; Creating sequences. Media Management for a professional work; Syncing and sub-clipping. Classes- 3

5. FCP- WORKING WITH TIMELINE, KEYBOARD Timeline Interface, Customizing interface, Managing tracks, Basic editing tools in FCP. Keyboard short-cuts, Customizing key-board. Classes- 4

6. FCP- BASICS OF TRANSITION & FILTERS Kind of transitions, Need of transitions, Transitions as a tool to creativity. Introduction to filters, types of filters, applying multiple filters, Filters as a tool to artistic expression. Classes- 3

7. FCP- BASICS OF KEY-FRAMING & TITLING Concept of key-framing, Use of key-framing to animate and effects; Ramping/ Speed. Introduction to titling, multiple titling, titling as tool of packaging, Animated titling, Subtitling. Classes- 3

8. FCP- WORKING WITH AUDIO & BASICS COLOR CORRECTION Managing Audio Tracks; Mono-stereo tracks; filters and transitions; Leveling Audio. Basic of Color Correction, Need of CC, Primary and Secondary CC, Color correction as tool to creativity. Classes- 3

9. FCP- EXPORTING PROJECT FOR THE FILM, TV, WEB & DVD Introduction to codecs and file formats; Compression; Transcoding, Converting. Rendering; Testing for export; Final Export, Exporting for Film, TV, Web & DVD. Classes- 3

10. COMPLETE DIGITAL WORKFLOW (POST) & OTHER EDITING PLATFORMS From shooting to screening complete workflow; major problems and troubleshooting; Brief to supporting software like PluralEyes, MPEG stream-clip, Compressor, Toast. Brief Introduction to AVID, Adobe premiere pro. Classes- 5

11. GENRE EDITING SKILLS - ACTION, DIALOG, COMEDY & MUSIC Understanding Genre and popular editing styles; Basics of Action, Dialog, Comedy and Music cutting. Classes- 6

12. ADAVNCED EDITING SKILLS. Editing beyond Genres, New approaches to Genre Editing, Do’s And Don’ts of Editing. Identifying Structures and creating alternate Structures, Techniques to improve on narrative flow, Working on long narratives- Feature Film

* SHORT FILM – FINAL FILM All Students will collectively make a short film. Each Student will be assigned duties based on their specialization/ Interest. Short Film will be a joint effort of all the students in guidance of a mentor.

* EVALUATION (After Completing ‘SHORT FILM’) Full recap of the course. All Important topics will be revised for the participants. A small theoretical & practical evaluation will be conducted for the participants. Successful participants will be awarded with ‘Course completion certificate’