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Diction and Speech Continue over all Sense Memory will continue for 2 month later it will be reduced Improvisation will continue for 2 months

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Film Making

The film making courses are very common and film academy is also very common but our film making course is specially designed for those students who not only want to learn film direction

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D.O.P, production designer, art director, sound recordist, sound designer, light designer, editor, graphics, D.I etc.

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Video Edting

164 Classes of theory, 2+2 Weeks for Major Projects at the end of the session, 3 weeks of exposure

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CREATIVE WRITING, SCRIPT WRITING & CONTENT WRITING COURSES Whatever your eventual writing ambitions may be, a wide range of comprehensive courses are the excellent way to begin with.The most important point at this stage, however, is to get the basics right & an aptitude for writing and that is what is offered by the following different courses offered by Placing Dream.

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There are so many film making institutes in India and there are so many Cinematography courses but we have to understand the use and the meaning of Cinematography.

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